Mini-Cars Racing

Mini-Cars Racing 2.0

Race a toy car through a miniaturized course

Control your mini-car and drive as fast as you can through the course. Unlock new levels by finishing the track in the allotted time and gain extra points by finishing in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd position.

Mini-Cars Racing is a racing game in which you control a toy mini-car. The objective of the game is to complete the laps in the allotted time to get to the next level. You will be given more points if you get the first, second or third position. The levels are all different featuring different tracks and colors and there are three levels of difficulty to choose from. There are five cars to pick, but they only differ in the color or painting layout. The tracks include lots of power-ups and -downs, so you should study them carefully from the help menu, in order to avoid the bad ones. You can also play in full-screen or windowed mode, selecting the screen size, and you can also customize sound and music volume, color depth, anti-aliasing, shadows, and the controls. The default ones use the arrow keys, which I found very comfortable and didn't change them.

Regarding the graphics, they are good and attractive. Sound effects and music are OK, although the latter was a bit repetitive. In short, Mini-Cars Racing is just a simple racing game that offers nothing new or impressive, and may entertain you for a short time.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Nice graphics
  • Free
  • Fully customizable


  • Nothing new or impressive
  • Not really challenging
  • Only one game mode
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